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Arnob Barua

Working toward a MS in Civil Engineering in the Water Resources Engineering specialty

Jin Ikeda

Coastal Informatics Analyst (IT Analyst 3)

Rebecca Schurr

Working toward a MS in Civil Engineering in the Coastal and Ecological Engineering

Wen-Huai Tsao

Postdoctoral researcher working on fluid-structure interaction


CutFEM Methods for FSI

We are developing a new class of cut-cell fintie element methods by extending the CutFEM method of Burman, Massing, and others to use the equilant polynomial...


Finite Element Methods

Developing advanced finite element methods for solving nonlinear model equations in civil engineering applications.

Level Set Methods

Using dynamic implicit surfaces to couple multiple interacting fluid and solid phases.



Air-Water-VV is a repository of models for verfication and valication of air-water flow.


The Differential Algebraic Equation ToolKit is a C++ library for solving DAEs.


HashDist is a tool for building software stacks in a reproducible manner.


Proteus is a toolkit for computational methods and simulation.